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Welcome to the Home of Unilinux

Note: This site is (kind of perpetually) under construction - but here is a brief introduction.

This is the home for Unilinux, a project in its bare infancy at the moment. It hopes one day to be a full grown OS distribution management system based loosely on the concepts found in the excellent   Debian/GNU Linux and FreeBSD *NIX while incorperating many traditional software management tools and techniques. The goal of this project is to create a more centralized, unified and hopefully friendly interface to many of the utilities that are already in Linux/*NIX systems. This means designing the following UI's:

  • A single point of access for all documentation.
  • A single point of access for all system administration.
  • A single point of access for all of the package management tools.

Additionally, the package managment is to have full support (including dependancy tracking) for auto-conversion to and from various formats (eg. deb, rpm, tgz) packages as well as an integrated build system. Currently these will be installed as .debs and integrated with the debian dependancies data to provide full dependancy checking - however, ultimately the goal is to migrate package management to the UPS (See below) system.

An important goal in this will be to maintain complete compatibility with the present package management systems and archives. Although it is currently based on Debian it should eventually be possible to install on any system - or as a stand alone "package manager". This is sort of the backbone of Unilinux.

If you are interested in working on Unilinux or any of its parts please contact me at:

Thanks for stopping by! And check back after awhile for more developments.

Erik Winn
Unilinux Project Coordinator


Unilinux News

libpython-testpack v.1.0.1beta released
    pavelminevpenev - 2001-08-14 14:36   -   Unilinux mgmt system
This is the initial (pre-)release. libpython-testpack provides a Python package named testpack. It is just a very simple test siute implementation helper, featuring grouping tests in test classes, dynamic detection of test classes, a bug signalling mechanism, a clean-up mechanism, and a file-like object which will warn for unclosed instances (run-time checks).
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Qaptivate 0.3 Released
    erikwinn - 2001-04-30 21:54   -   Unilinux mgmt system
There is a new version of Qaptivate available now in the ftp area - and as cvs module "qaptivate-0.3" via the pserver.

New in Qaptivate:
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Qaptivate snaptshot release - a Qt frontend for APT
    erikwinn - 2000-12-09 10:06   -   Unilinux mgmt system
Qaptivate is a GUI frontend to the APT (Advanced Package Tool) command line. It should eventually suupport all of the services available from apt tools - at present it provides package browsing (apt-cache), selection and install/remove functions (apt-get). This is an early beta snapshot and its still a bit clunky but the basics are there ... plus a few unimpletmented menu entries as a tease :). Please see the README and INSTALL files in the qaptivate-0.2.tar.gz file for important notes about what it needs. You can find the file in the ftp section and simply download and tar -xzvf as normal.
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ddoc-0.4.3 released - stable-beta
    erikwinn - 2000-09-16 14:06   -   Unilinux mgmt system
Ddoc 0.4.3 is now available. This release represents a fairly stable version; ie., the present external structure works and is pretty stable and will not be changed much in the very near future (barring disasterous reports ...). The focus of developement will now shift to internal functions.
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ddoc_0.4 Released
    erikwinn - 2000-08-30 14:36   -   Unilinux mgmt system
Just a note to announce ddoc's latest version - includes many fixes and is generally more functional. Please see the release notes or the changes.gz for more details.

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Module Release: ddoc-0.1
    erikwinn - 2000-08-26 19:54   -   Unilinux mgmt system
An early release of the ddoc documentation system is now available in .deb and tar.gz on the Unilinux project page in "Downloads". The .deb is fully functional and installs and uninstalls corrrectly, the tarball is just for curiosity's sake.
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